It all started when...

During my teen years, when social media went through a huge boom, I was sat with my laptop every evening after school, taking a lot of notice of the interfaces of these websites, the imagery they utilised, and for some reason or another, it made me curious, and from here, I started experimenting. I did a bit of research on what tools I needed to start making 'designs' to fit the requirements of these websites, even if it were banners, profile layouts etc and in my spare time, I spent hours developing ideas, watching tutorials and making simple graphics and layouts without really knowing exactly what would come of it. At this point, I had no idea that this could or would ever lead to an exciting career!

When most 13/14 year old girls were asking for new make-up and shoes for Christmas and birthdays, new design software packages topped my Christmas list... Yep! I don't think my parents really understood why I was asking for this stuff, but I think they saw that there was a method to the madness, and they saw the love I had for what I was doing. As the years past and I progressed through school, I went on to study Art and Design Technology (resistant materials), but never dabbled further than that, because at the time, I was far more taken by the idea of chasing a career in sport and fitness, and this was the case right up until the day of college sign-up. Until I sat down in front of a college lecturer to confirm my class and course choices, A levels in sport and sport science were my final choices, but then (within a split second)  I had a change of heart, and realised this was the first time I could really make big decisions for myself, and I knew a career in the creative industry was far more suited to me! Thankfully, my father (who was there with me) supported my crazy choices, which made the choice easier for me. Just a few weeks later, I was enrolled on the Art & Design course, and this is where I really started to develop ideas and found that graphic design was actually a career option, and one that was far more exciting and diverse than I could have known.


Fast forward to post college study, and after working from my bedroom for little companies for years, I'm a full-time Graphic Designer for an international company and still work from a little room as a freelance designer and honestly, I wouldn't change my choices for anything. Even though it's not all modern studio space and thick framed glasses, waking up to do what I worked so hard to do as a career is such a great feeling! There are certainly some downfalls, and I'll get into that in another post, but the positives certainly outweigh the negatives.