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BLOG: How I became a graphic designer


It all started when...

During my teen years, when social media went through a huge boom, I was sat with my laptop, taking a lot of notice of the imagery that friends had on their profiles... and really thats where it kick off, I wanted to be able to make these images rather than ask someone else to do it. I saw opportunity and wanted to grab it.


I spend years developing ideas, watching tutorials and spending hours a day making different graphics, practicing all areas of "design" without really knowing exactly what would come of it. At this point, I had no idea that this could ever lead to a career!


It wasn't as simple and straight forward as it sounds though... When most 13/14 year old girls were asking for new make-up and shoes for Christmas, a design software package topped my Christmas list! Yup, I don't think my parents really understood why I was asking for this stuff, especially my mother, but I think they saw that there was a method to the madness. As the years flew by, I studied Art and  Design Technology (resistant materials) at school, but never dabbled in Graphics and honestly enjoyed the concept of sport a little more. My interest in the possibility of chasing a career in art slowly died off, until college sign-up day came. I was fixated on becoming something within the sporting/sports industry, until I sat down in front of a college lecturer and decided (within a split second) that that wasn't actually what I wanted to do! I shocked myself with this decision, but thankfully, as I opted  to do Art & Design, my decision paid off as the course I chose had a 'Graphic Design' class within the cirriculum and that's  where I sort of found my feet and developed my ideas and took this further at University.


Years later, after working from my bedroom, I'm a full-time Graphic Designer for an international company and I wouldn't change my choices for anything. Even though it's not all modern studio space and thick framed glasses, waking up to do what I worked so hard to do as a career is such a great feeling!