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First time/s visiting New York and New Jersey

So, it's been no secret that I've always had a soft spot for the United States. It's always been on my travel list, just like everyone else's, right? I've also wanted to move there for work since I had the idea of becoming a Graphic Designer.

In the past year, I've been able to head over a few times and was blown away by the areas of New Jersey and New York that I was shown, and the diversity of both places.

Driving through New Jersey and  NY provided beautiful scenery that reminded me of home in South Wales, while New York City was the biggest culture shock. To say I was like a kid in a sweet shop is an understatement; spending time in these inspiring places with the most incredible people? It was dreamy! Oh, and the weather was stunning, which makes a huge change from little ol' Britain.

As impressive as the places were, I saw a lot of things that I'd only seen on TV until then (I promise I don't live in a cave) and a lot of things were completely new to me, and I had quite a few giggles in the car, soaking up the surroundings...

So here are a few things that stuck in my brain during the first visit, some of which are pretty daft.


NYC/NJ has better food. Much better.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the food is so much more exciting. There are more options and there is no shortage of awesome Italian food and heart attack inducing snacks to get your hands on. Being back home with no Dunkin' Donuts caramel iced coffee or caramel swirl just isn't good. Don't get me started on the lack of Snyder's Salted caramel pretzel pieces and Cinnabon snack chain either!


Cannoli... Cannolis are the one.

I now go to great lengths to find these little parcels of happiness in Wales, and for good reason. They are the densest, loveliest bits of epic that I have ever tasted, and the ones I picked up in Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken WERE-TO-DIE-FOR.


Fast Food restaurants are everywhere!

And I mean EVERYWHERE! Driving down the road for a few miles means you're going to be passing by more fast food restaurants than Britain has per town/city, most of which, I didn't even know existed! What the hell is Panda Express and Chick-fil-A anyways?


bob and Dave own a lot of expos and stores

I don't know what is sold in "Bob's Stores" but I know theres one for every 5 miles of turf! Electronic "expo" places, too.


The Jersey shore. i-love-the-shore.

Driving to the shore was a beautiful trip! Insane views of the water, and Seaside Heights has pretty much all the greasy, awesome snacks you could want. There are fake tans and silicone breasts everywhere, but I suppose thats part of the fun! HA!



Like Brits decorate for Christmas, these wonderful loons do it for Halloween too, and it's pretty special. I've never experienced a halloween quite like this. Awesome parties and events were everywhere and they even have warehouse size stores to meet the demand of halloween deco and costumes!! for a gal like me, October time in NJ/NY is absolutely perfect!

The events I attended will forever be in my mind (maybe because I was scared to death most of the time), but really, I've not experienced a Halloween like a NY/NJ Halloween. 


I didn't think an accent could be funny, sexy and sweet, all at once, but Jersey and New York accents are exactly that.

Just ask me if I want a caw-fee (coffee) or a hot-da-ugh (hotdog) and over pronounce those R's and I'm pretty sure I'm in heaven.


The garden state

Before visiting NJ, I expected a lot more hustle and bustle, and not so much peace, but they call it "The Garden State' for good reason. I was in awe with some of the views and its a huge contrast to it's neighbour across the Hudson, New York City.


The yellow school busses aren't just a Simpson's thing

Nowp, Thats your average school bus. Simple things please simple minds, eh!


the pizza

I already mentioned the kickass food, but NJ and NY pizza deserves a sub heading of its own. I have never tasted a pizza as good as this stuff. *drool* Also, it usually comes in slices bigger than most peoples dreams and has completely destroyed my love for pizza... now I just crave NY/NJ pizza. I've learned that pizza we have as standard in the UK is "trash"!


The NEw York City Skyline

The first time I saw that skyline will forever be one of those moments that will be with me forever. It was a stunning August late afternoon, I was someone I love with all my heart, and it couldn't have been nicer. It really is everything I had imagined.


The People

We often hear that our friends across the pond are argumentative, rude and obnoxious, but I found it to be exactly the opposite. I've never met more friendly, approachable people on this planet yet. No one could be too kind and helpful and I came away appreciating people a little bit more.

So, yeah! I'm a girl that plays it cool and, but these places provided me with so many "HOLY S***" moments! If you haven't yet visited these beautiful places, you really need to take that opportunity. Don't just stick to NY, because Jersey sits just across the water and I promise, it's an absolutely wonderful place.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 16.12.56.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 16.13.25.png
Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 18.51.24.png