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30 facts about me

Of course, now that it's time to do this, I can't think of any interesting facts.

1. I'm 24 years old.

2. I'm from a small village in South Wales, United Kingdom.

3. I work as a full-time graphic designer.

4. One day, I'd love to move to a different country, to experience a different lifestyle.

5. I love Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music.

6. On march 1st 2014 I graded to black belt/1st dan in wado-ryu karate.

7. I spend a lot of my free time running and writing/interviewing for - A nonprofit webzine focused on promoting the sub genres within Rock and Heavy Metal.

8. I'm pretty sure that I'm the worst person in the world for skipping songs in the car to get to the one I really want to listen to.

9. I like a lot of projects happening at once, to keep myself occupied.

10. I love British and Gaelic folk music.

11. I'm a pretty big Billy Joel fan.

12. I love to travel but I'm terrified of planes.

13. 13 is my 'lucky' number!

14. I'm a big Dr.Hook fan, too... "When you're in love with a beautiful woman"!

15. I'd like to start a youtube channel based on design inspiration and music, but the thought of sitting in front of a camera gives me shivers.

16. Black Sabbath - Master of Reality and Rainbow - Rising are my two all time favourite albums.

17. I have broken my nose 4 times!!

18. I don't like using the word "hate",  but I really, really hate the band Nirvana.

19. I love medieval tales and medieval imagery. Growing up in Wales probably motivated that.

20. My first ever live music experience was seeing Eagles live in Birmingham at age... 8?

21. I love to sing! I don't do it well, but singing relaxes me more than most things.

22.I've got a habit of using hand sanitiser.

23. I drive a little white and black Vauxhall Adam

24. Italian food is my favourite!

25. I have 4 nieces and a nephew, all under the age of 10.

26. I don't really have an "idol", but guitar player Ritchie Blackmore is about as close as it can get.

27. I love playing different sports. It's something I've always enjoyed.

28. Feet really creep me out. unless they're teeny baby feet.

28. I'm in love with New Jersey, New York and Boston accents. Oh my!

29. Cinnamon. I love cinnamon.

30. I've never tasted tomato ketchup... I'll just let that sink in.